Grizz (Whiskey Baptist Music)
one sees a CrazyWorld…(one needs a fresh perspective…)


"Rocky Mountain High," by Grizz & Spellbinder (produced by Hevy Jacquez), is the OFFICIAL anthem of the Green Solution dispensary (Denver), and the (un)OFFICIAL ANTHEM FOR AMENDMENT 64 IN CO!!! 


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"I’m BACK on my BS, CO to TX, reach fo’ your glasses & TOAST in this BEE*TCH…"
No album from Grizz would be complete without the obligatory drinking song. Here again, Grizz laces both the beat and the lyrics, and the result is CrazyWorld’s funkiest track yet! Again, the subject matter is a dark, though it still manages to mainain a witty, upbeat mood; Grizz paints a picture of his own day-to-day struggles with alcohol & other substances. A lot of cats will relate to this one.

lyrics/vocals - Grizz
beat - Grizz
scratches/cuts - DJ Comatoast (
mixing/post-production - Skizzaz (
mastering - Scotty Goldstein (

Ayo I’m BACK on my BS, CO to TX,
Reach fo’ ya glasses and TOAST in the beeitch,
It’s been a long time comin, but here is,
CrazyWorld, 100 miles & runnin; cheers!
But happy hour quickly turns to a sad scene;
You wake up from a blackout, wishin it was a bad dream,
What started with caffeine and mad nicotine,
Ended with devilish acts, fit to make a nun blaspheme…
…so now I’m headed to the LQ, AKA the likker shop,
Finna cop some granddad’s medicine to help sooth
My affliction; my addiction is my prescription,
And time is tickin; you best walk with if you tryna listen
‘Cause once you go Likker Cat, yeah, there ain’t no goin back,
But you made it this far, so you probly be knowin that,
When I was a kid, yo, we always had to shoulder-tap,
Used to close my eyes & just listen to the 40 crack.
Open my blue eyes, scopin my view; tired…
My strength ain’t even close to renewed, why?
Well I got a notion, know the motions and I goin’ on through
Thinking ya destiny is chosen for you; hopin it’s true; God…
Ain’t nothin that I can ask for, past more health
And growin old with my boo, but when I open a brew?
It’s like I found what I was chosen to do,
Guess it’s my glass jaw; lookin past y’all, man I’m
“Broken in Two”
I’m, outta the gate like a jockey ridin a Crazy Horse,
Outta my face; you don’t like me? Then you can lay me off
That’s what I say to the boss (just in my brain, of course)
Playin that part for 8 hours, then it’s straight to the store,
Life is a river, and mine’s merely takin it’s course,
My habits be makin me poor, but I can give a…FUCK
The World’s Crazy my friend, playin pretend?
Nah, I’m just lookin straight through the lens; Takin a picture
And love’s gonna getcha, my synapses got a thing for you dopamine; They really fuckin witcha
Especially after a few bones, spliff & a couple pictures,
My nose like a blood hound; finding something to sniff up,
Stuck in a big rut; chuggin a big cup;
Puffin a cig; thinkin whatever’s under my wig’s FUCKED!
That’s how I live, YUP, my head stays stressed;
And that’s the reason why I’m MKS
I pack 2 bags, even if it’s a day trip;
So haggard, cats be lookin at me like, “is you mad??”
To me, that’s funnier than Grizz rockin a doo rag,
I tell ‘em nah, but yo, on the low, that ain’t the truth man…
These headlines that I be reading at the news stands’
Orwellian at best, the just takin us for fools, damn…
Not to mention the mental prison called the television,
O’Reilly to Oprah, they part of the same hellish mission,
Got you watchin and listenin while you getting conditioned,
God forbid we start grindin instead of bitchin
Though it seems only a minute since I started this shit,
The bottle’s finished; sniff a line, then I pop a Kolonopin in
That’s Yin & Yang; yeah I’m hardly a model citizen,
But if it’s Grizz that’s scriptin it; it’s guaranteed that shit’ll bang,
Keep ya eyes peeled, navigate carefully through this minefield,
‘Cause life’s ill, you can’t tell that bitch a thang…

NEW SONG UP: “Broken in Two” by Grizz, and PRODUCED by Grizz as well…album available here:

this one goes out to my SMOKERS out there… #BurnOne #Grizz #CrazyWorld2012

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"You know we masters wit it, no need to asterisk it; better run that cash, & cover that stash, when you fuckin’ wit the Bad Lieutentant…"
Grizz is BACK, with the 2nd single off of his new solo album, CrazyWorld. This joint, titled “Major”, features Hott ( and Quiz (, and the beat (produced by Grizz) has a CRAZY bounce to it. All three MC’s complement the track nicely, switching up between the slow flow and double-time effortlessly…this might be CrazyWorld's club joint right here!!

Lyrics/vocals: Grizz, Hott, Quiz
beat: Grizz
mixed by Skizzaz Skullface (
Mastered by Scotty Goldstein (